Why Michatoya Pacifico?


MICHATOYA PACIFICO is a CLASS “A” SITE that provides the COMPLETE PACKAGE to satisfy all your needs. It enables you to dedicate your time and efforts to doing what you do best

The Complete Package

Strategic country
  • Strategic location
  • Economic solidness and stability
  • Pro market and entrepreneurial culture
The best location
  • At the crossroads to all export markets
  • Quick access to ports
  • Central America and Mexico Hub
  • Avoids traffic congestion
The most profitable bottom line
  • The best package of low costs
  • High labor productivity
  • Many local resources
Tax Free
  • No VAT
  • No income tax for 10 years
  • No dividend tax
  • No stamp taxes
Personalized full service
  • Turnkey construction
  • Assistance with processes
  • Support services
  • Everything else you need
Smart City
  • Commerce, banking, school, health, etc
  • Livability
  • Quick and easy access
Large Size
  • Enables clusters and supply chains
  • Facilitates expansion needs
  • Supports price negotiations
State of Art Conditions
  • Everything first class
  • Everything at the forefront
  • Everything secure
  • Harmony with the environment
  • Renewable energy
  • A free trade zone clean in every way

The Best Location

The best possible location in Guatemala for accessing export markets while taking advantage of raw materials supply potential. It is at crossroads of highways not only to these ports but also of highways to Mexico and El Salvador. Developers are building a bypass of the City of Escuintla to considerably reduce distances, avoid traffic and increase speed to all export destinations.

It is a short distance from Puerto Quetzal on the Pacific Ocean which is where the majority of Guatemalan exports are channeled. The same highway connects with Puerto Santo Tomás de Castillo on the Atlantic Ocean. It also leads to Honduras.

Puerto Quetzal
(Pacific Ocean port)


Guatemala City


Puerto Santo Tomás
(Atlantic Ocean port)




El Salvador




it maximizes your bottom line

Maximizing your bottom line is what Michatoya Pacífico is all about. The Michatoya Team has designed everything, taking into full account that investor and manufacturer site selection is essentially based on that goal.

To begin with, purchasing price per hectare is enticingly low. Of course, this is not an income statement item unless the option is taken to enter into attractive rent or lease arrangements, but it frees up a lot of cash for working capital.

Regarding INCOME STATEMENT items to increase the bottom-line performance, the following are relevant:

lower costs

  • Lower labor costs. Minimum wage in Guatemala is three or four times lower than many minimum wages in the United States. Guatemalan workers are renowned for their productivity and for their manual dexterity skills. For highly-labor-intensive industries, lower labor costs with high productivity are crucial.

  • Lower electric energy costs. The cost will be about (US $.08/kw) which is the lowest cost in the region and two to three times lower than energy costs for businesses in most other countries.

  • Lower rent or lease payments (if property and buildings are rented or leased).

  • Lower raw materials costs. This will be true for raw materials produced nearby in the areas of agriculture, forest products and mining.

  • Lower cost of water. It will be available in abundant supply.

  • Lower construction costs. Vast experience in the construction of industrial park installations using latest technology, modern equipment and in-house developed software lead to the highest excellence in constructions at very competitive cost.

  • Highly-competitive tax benefits. Michatoya Pacífico is the first Zona de Desarrollo Económico Especial Pública (ZDEEP) or generalized free trade zone in Guatemala. The benefits include:

    • Tax exemption on merchandise stored or maintained within the free zone
    • Exemption on the payment of rights, taxes, contributions, assessments and all other fiscal and municipal obligations in the free zone.
    • Exemption of 100% of income tax during a ten-year period on all operations carried out in the free zone

  • Competitive telecommunications costs. More important than the cost is the world-class quality via a 100% fiber optic network and wifi connection points available throughout the park and by satellite administered by UFINET


Guatemala offers the best PACKAGE
of low costs in the region.

The result of the above is more profit on the bottom line. That is what our clients are looking for. It should be mentioned that there is no 10% tax on dividends as some other countries have in their free trade zones.

the advantages of size

Michatoya Pacífico is a combination of visionary foresight, profound business knowledge, business acumen and considerable boldness. Clients will benefit greatly from that combination.‎

Michatoya Pacífico is an industrial park that is more than 200 hectares in size, which is far bigger than just about any other industrial park in the region. But the total size of the project is much vaster. The developers have purchased over 1,200 hectares in total.‎

  • Within the park it facilitates the formation of clusters or more-complete supply chains. Costs of all participants will be reduced.

  • Supporting activities in agricultural, commerce, etc. can be conducted in the large area surrounding the industrial park.

  • There will be economies-of-scale benefits in transport, fee negotiation, data center services, training, laboratories and other services. Financial costs should be reduced.

Clusters we contemplate to include


It can include laboratories, packaging, use of by-products, processing materials, etc. as well as attracting the increased and cheaper supply of raw materials.

Wood Products

Guatemala is the land of trees.


Construction products such as prefabricated materials, iron, paint, cement, etc. It fits in well with the Wood products cluster.


There is already a partial cluster of four companies in different textile processes successfully functioning in Michatoya Palin.

Chemicals and plastics

There is already substantial export of these products from Guatemala. Now they will have additional incentives.

Medical products and equipment

Many of these products are already exported from Central America. Producers forming a cluster in Michatoya Pacifico can find additional benefits.

Digital Fabrication and 3 D Printers

This area will expand exponentially. Michatoya Pacifico intends to be at the forefront.


The size and completeness of design of Michatoya Pacífico enable the Michatoya Team to provide a personalization that other industrial parks cannot offer.

Five areas are important to mention:

built to suit

The Michatoya Team has lengthy experience designing, constructing and delivering installations with the highest quality exactly according to customer needs and desires.

size and shape to suit

We can offer this unique feature because of the size of Michatoya Pacífico. There are no pre-established lots. You do not have to adapt your needs to our structure; we adapt to your needs. We will work closely with you to determine the size and shape and location according to your plans and opportunities. There will be the opportunity to expand when your business exceeds expectations as has been the case with several of our clients.

services to suit

We offer a full range of services to support your manufacturing and business activities applying our extensive knowledge and contacts and alliances in Guatemala. You do what you do best and we do what we do best and you reap the synergistic benefits. For details, go to the main section of Full Service.

smart city to serve

We seek to satisfy all your needs for good living and not just your needs for profitable working. Michatoya Pacífico will be centered in a Smart City. For details, go to the main section on Smart City.

Flexibility in arrangements.

We are open to all types of arrangements including purchasing, leasing, renting, payment terms, partial payment with goods or services, joint ventures and strategic alliances. We seek a win/win situation.

state of the art conditions

  • Ultramodern telecommunications services and data centers.
  • Next generation security.
  • Abundant, reliable supply of energy and water.
  • Financial centers and commerce.
  • A complete-coverage illumination system with LED Solar lamps.
  • 100% Fiber optic network with wifi throughout the park.
  • A fire station and conveniently located hydrants.
  • Bus stops, bicycle lanes and information booths throughout the park.
  • Superb modern construction and beautiful native plant landscaping.


Michatoya Pacífico will give extra-special attention to security. Among its security services it will have:

Cyber Security
Data Center

Bio Security
Id checks

Rounds of security guards

24-hour security monitoring

Type “A” Wall
More than 1200 Ml of wall + metal railing

Security cameras and motion sensors

More about our Security

  • Superb high-technology vigilance at the entrance using fingerprint and facial recognition for quick, secure entry.
  • We use the most modern surveillance technology and systems and they will be functioning 24/7. There is a closed-circuit system of cameras and video having facial-recognition technology for real-time vigilance throughout the park
  • Specially-trained security personnel
  • A heliport for executive travel
  • A security station with a rapid-reaction force
  • The park will be surrounded by a two-meter high wall with two high-tension wires and razor ribbon.
  • Cameras and a special protection system are being set up along the entire route to the port.

master plan

To have a better understanding of the size and scope of Michatoya Pacífico, a Master Plan is presented below.