Why Guatemala?


Everyone knows that those are the three top priorities for a real estate or manufacturing investment. Some companies have special circumstances, but Guatemala is the place to be for what the majority of investors who are looking for

The Best Site In The
Americas For Your
Low Cost Manufacturing Investment

Some companies have special circumstances, but Guatemala is the place to be for the majority of investors who are looking for a combination of:

Closeness to the region’s biggest markets

Adequate ports on both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans

Low operating costs

A host of other competitive advantages

Central american hub

The best Industrial HUB of Central America and Southern Mexico.

In Central America, Guatemala has:

  • The biggest economy.
  • The largest GDP of the region
  • The highest final consumption per household.
  • The largest population and labor force.
  • 4 of 10 products are made in Guatemala.
  • The best credit rating.
  • The closest country to the Mexican market.

an example of convenience

Michatoya Pacífico is designed to attract multinational corporations and others that want to export to other countries of the region, especially the United States which is the world’s biggest market. Guatemala is in the Central Standard Time zone. Flights from different locations in the United States to Guatemala City take less time than going from New York to Los Angeles.

Houston – Guatemala
Miami – Guatemala
Atlanta – Guatemala
Los Angeles – Guatemala
New York - Los Angeles

Macroeconomic stability

Guatemala provides the economic stability that investors seek.

  • The Guatemalan economy has been remarkably stable over the past 20 years.

  • Low inflation averaging only 3.61% since 2014 facilitates planning and cost management.

  • The exchange rate of Guatemala’s currency the quetzal to the dollar has been stable for 20 years.

  • Over the past 6 years, some other country options in the region have suffered an average annual devaluation of over 11%.

  • Sudden currency devaluations can rapidly eat up profits and make business life exceedingly difficult.

Free trade agreements

Guatemala has free trade agreements with: the United States, the European Free Trade Association, Mexico, all countries of Central America, Chile, Colombia, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Taiwan. It has a Comprehensive Association Agreement with the European Union and is arranging agreements with other countries.‎

Availability of
raw materials
and other products

Investors may be attracted by the availability of raw materials and other products. Three groups that stand out are:


Agricultural products

Due to their importance, Michatoya Pacifico seeks to set up a cluster of companies or supply chain group in agribusiness products. Along with the traditional products of coffee, sugar and bananas, USAID reports that Guatemala is recognized as a leader in non-traditional agriculture exports in Central America.

Products include::
  • Snow peas, green beans, mini-vegetables, platano and fruits like mangos, papaya, melons, and berries, which have grown exponentially over the past ten years.
  • Other important non-traditional crops in Guatemala include vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli.
  • Regarding livestock, Guatemala is a producer of cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens.
  • Shrimp and fish farming are other growth areas.
  • Guatemala is the world’s leading producer of cardamom.

Wood products

Guatemala is an indigenous word meaning “the place of many trees”. It is fitting that forest products provide an attractive business opportunity. Furniture-making and the manufacture of floors, wall coverings, walls and ceilings are some of the opportunities available. Fine woods are found in the forests of Peten. Due to their importance, Michatoya Pacifico seeks to set up a cluster of companies or supply chain group in wood products.

Mining products

Guatemala has abundant mineral reserves that include uranium, nickel, limestone, marble, jade, petroleum, coal, gold, silver, copper, iron ore and cobalt. These minerals provide investment potential for businesses that use these materials in their manufacturing.

A beautiful and fascinating country

Among its spectacular attractions, Guatemala has world renowned locations for tourism, such as the Tikal Archaeological Park, Lake Atitlán, Colonial City Antigua Guatemala, Río Dulce, Playa Blanca, Semuc Champey and numerous chain of volcanoes that surround us.

Cordiality is one of the greatest characteristics of our people . We are also known for our gastronomy and traditional artisan crafts